“Katie has been teaching/tutoring my daughter (now heading to 7th grade as a full time homeschooler) for over a year now. She loves Katie. I love Katie. She’s firm but fun. And EXTREMELY COMPETENT. One of the challenges of homeschooling is making sure your kid is on par with her peers that are in “traditional” schools. Katie has a pulse on that. Katie does a great job of challenging our daughter. She calls her out when she’s not meeting expectations but offers the right amount of praise when she performs well.

We know Patrick from his time at Tahoe Expedition Academy. Patrick left TEA while my son was a freshman. It’s a testament to the connection Patrick made with my son by the way my son was crushed when Patrick left. Patrick is amazing as both a teacher and a mentor. He has this “je ne sais quoi” that every teacher wishes he or she has to bond with kids. Patrick is a talented educator who would be “teacher of the year” anywhere he works.”