Our History

Tahoe Tutoring (TT) was first established in 2009 as High Tide Tutoring (HTT) by a statistician and educator, Katie McConaghy. Through years of tutoring and teaching in all different capacities, Katie came to realize the need for a quality tutoring company on which both parents and students could rely for excellent guidance and support. Many tutoring companies lack the personal attention and customization necessary for students to succeed. Katie designed High Tide Tutoring specifically to cater to individual student needs and serve a variety of different learning styles.

During her graduate studies in Statistics at San Diego State University, Katie fused her natural abilities in Math with her passion for helping students. She established clients in the greater San Diego area who struggled with any type of math class from algebra to calculus and beyond. After graduation, she started her career as an actuary and spent the next few years tackling the challenging exams that came along with that field. In 2008, she decided that she really missed education and made the decision to pivot her career path back to education. In 2009, High Tide Tutoring was born. When Katie moved to the Tahoe area in 2010, she continued to manage HTT but from afar. She had some wonderful tutors working for her company and so she could then focus on expanding HTT into Tahoe!

In 2017, Katie, along with her husband, Patrick, created Tahoe Tutoring. Tahoe Tutoring is founded on the premise of providing a multitude of services to all kinds of learners in the Tahoe area. Our community of tutors is being built as we speak and we could not be more excited for what’s to come!

Our Mission

“To connect passionate, intelligent, gifted tutors with every student so true learning and growth takes place.”


Our tutors meet with students to not only help with math and stats, but also to help with English papers and projects. We provide assessment and support for English Language Learning (ELL) to non-native speakers. In addition, clients look to TT to supplement homeschooling programs. If you are unable to visit us, or live outside the Tahoe area, we can set you up with online tutoring. TT plans to offer college counseling and standardized test preparation courses in the near future.

Tahoe Tutoring knows there are many tutoring companies from which to choose. We also know you will find that TT stands out among the rest for our professionalism, personalized attention, and top-notch tutors. Our dedication to meeting student needs will make you feel like you have both a teacher and friend on your side. When tough assignments come up, we’ll be there. A private tutoring company is just a few clicks away!

Give us a call and learn why Tahoe Tutoring is soon to be one of the best private tutoring companies in the Reno/Tahoe area! 858-229-7340.


What our Clients Say


Suzanne J., 2017

“Katie was absolutely instrumental in helping my daughter do well in both semesters of her high school Algebra 2 class. Not only was she able to explain the math to her in a way that she could understand it, but she was also very flexible in working around my daughter’s soccer and skiing schedules. We are so grateful for her!”

Kira H., 2017

“We so enjoyed Patrick! He did such a wonderful job keeping Preston engaged and was so creative with all the ways he approached reading and writing. Couldn’t have been happier with how it went!”

Pauline L., 2017

“Katie is an exceptional math tutor.  She has a very strong grasp of the material but, more importantly than that, Katie has an amazing gift for successfully translating the information to her students.  She has been an invaluable resource for my children.”

Jana A., 2011

“This is the first time I have used such a service. I usually spend hours trying to post Want Ads on the local college job boards every year. Actually that’s how I found Katie, the owner. We are very pleased with the tutor she found my daughter! Very affordable too! Our tutor, Jamie, is reliable, thorough and very knowledgeable in the subjects she is helping my daughter with.  I definitely recommend High Tide Tutoring!”

Darin H., Aug 2017

“Katie has been teaching/tutoring my daughter (now heading to 7th grade as a full time homeschooler) for over a year now. She loves Katie. I love Katie. She’s firm but fun. And EXTREMELY COMPETENT. One of the challenges of homeschooling is making sure your kid is on par with her peers that are in “traditional” schools. Katie has a pulse on that. Katie does a great job of challenging our daughter. She calls her out when she’s not meeting expectations but offers the right amount of praise when she performs well.

We know Patrick from his time at Tahoe Expedition Academy. Patrick left TEA while my son was a freshman. It’s a testament to the connection Patrick made with my son by the way my son was crushed when Patrick left. Patrick is amazing as both a teacher and a mentor. He has this “je ne sais quoi” that every teacher wishes he or she has to bond with kids. Patrick is a talented educator who would be “teacher of the year” anywhere he works.”

Paul C., June 2013

“Katie B. has been an excellent tutor. She is punctual, patient, and has made a big difference in improving our daughter’s math score. We are very grateful to her!”

Cyd S., May 2013

“Kendra R. is doing great with Spencer. He is understanding the work and his grades have gone up.”

Lauren L., May 2013

“Everything with Anthony R. was great! No complaints, he was polite and helpful.”

Felecia V., May 2013

“Things are going well. Allie got a high C on her last test!! She has been getting D’s and low C’s.  It was almost a B. I believe Allie enjoys working with Katie B. as well.”

Ronda H., April 2013

“Gino O. has been great! He is very professional, and on time.”

Katie S., March 2013

“Jessica B. is great! She really helps me understand what we are doing; it’s like opening my eyes to a whole new world which my teacher does not do. She really helps clarify things and goes through problems with me, even if she might not realize what my teacher is looking for right away, she always makes an effort to understand and then helps me understand as well. Jessica has been meeting my needs and is always positive. I couldn’t ask anymore of her.”

Valeria M., February 2013

“Things are going great with Jessica B. She has been an awesome help.”

Ana M., February 2013

“We are very, very happy with Vinnie B. Vinnie makes sure Chris understands the concepts and gives Chris additional problems to work on to make sure he has it down. The extra work and time has made a big difference. He pulled an 81% on his Final so we are very happy with that and feel that having Vinnie from the start of this new semester is going to make a big difference.”