Private Tutoring Prices

Tutor Tier Per Hour Package of 10 hrs
10% off
Package of 20 hrs
20% off
Package of 30 hrs
25% off
Tier I $ 25 $ 225 $ 400 $ 562.50
Tier II $ 40 $ 360 $ 640 $ 900
Tier III $ 60 $ 540 $ 960 $ 1350
Tier IV $ 80 $ 720 $ 1280 $ 1800
*Each tutor is given a tier. Please see your tutor’s to note Packages must be purchased before tutoring begins. (Payment plans available upon request.) No refunds for unused hours. Packages expire in 1 year from date of first tutoring session..

tier 1

Novice tutor with limited experience tutoring but excellent grades and motivation to help others succeed.

tier 2

Intermediate tutor with experience tutoring and a college degree. Motivated to learn more and share knowledge with students in need.

tier 3

Advanced tutor with a college degree, lots of tutoring experience and internal motivation to teach others.

tier 4

Expert tutor with a Masters degree or higher and a wide range of experience with all different types of learners.

Group Tutoring Prices

Tutor Tier 2
Tier II $ 45 $ 60
Tier III $ 67.5 $ 80
Tier IV $ 90 $ 110
*Group rates apply for tutoring sessions of the same subject.
Private tutoring rates apply to tutoring sessions of multiple students on different subjects.

Travel fees:

In-home tutoring prices will incur a travel fee, based on location, per session. The fees are as follows:

  • Incline Village & Crystal Bay: $10
  • Kings Beach: $15
  • Tahoe Vista/Carnelian Bay/Tahoe City: $20
  • Truckee: $25

Location not listed? Please inquire for pricing.

SAT/ACT Test Prep

Private tutoring rates apply for 1-on-1 support

$25 to provide and analyze an SAT or ACT diagnostic
$100 to proctor and analyze an SAT or ACT diagnostic
$625 SAT or ACT Class, includes all materials


Drop-In Tutoring

This program is temporarily not available.


College Counseling @ Evolve Academics

Customized packages or hourly billing to fit your needs!

Pricing details at Evolve Academics.

Test Proctoring & Assessments

$20/hr for in-person or online proctoring of tests or assessments; $40 for each assessment


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