Positive Thinking

People often mention the power of positive thinking, but where is the evidence that it actually works? Scientists have yet to prove that telling yourself over and over that you will be successful results in success. However, stories from athletes, entrepreneurs, artists, and parents indicate they have found success by creating the habit of positive thinking. (…)

How Much Screen Time is Too Much?

Electronic device screens have become a staple of many modern homes for both parents and children. Beyond the television, laptops, tablets and smart phones are now governing how we work, learn and entertain. The debate on how much screen time is safe for our children has only just begun. Are screens damaging developing brains?   (…)


Dyslexia is something that has perplexed scientists, educators and parents for quite some time. Due to the various nature of what dyslexia entails, there is no way to be precise in diagnoses or prescription. Instead, numerous studies and resources help shed light on a condition that affects many learners. (…)