Katie McConaghy – Owner and Tier IV Math Tutor

James Madison University
Bachelor of Science: Mathematics, Secondary Education

San Diego State University
Master of Science: Statistics

Katie McConaghy is a statistician, mathematician, educator, and entrepreneur. She graduated from James Madison University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics and Secondary Education in 2003. She then went on to complete a Masters Degree in Statistics at San Diego State University. After graduating in 2005, Katie followed her passion for statistics into the actuarial science industry. She worked for an actuarial consulting firm specializing in non-life insurance. After spending almost three years gaining knowledge and experience she decided to take the leap back to academia. Since 2008 Katie has made education her main focus.

Katie founded High Tide Tutoring (HTT) in San Diego in 2009. High Tide Tutoring is a private tutoring company that strives to meet the needs of students everywhere. Since moving to Tahoe in 2010, she’s continued to manage HTT in San Diego from afar and expand her tutoring services to Tahoe. After hearing the needs of her community, Katie decided to open Tahoe Tutoring (TT) in August of 2017. Tahoe Tutoring provides a physical location for students to visit and receive the help they need for all their learning needs.

In addition to managing HTT and TT, Katie keeps her teaching skills sharp, working as an online college professor for various US colleges. She is passionate about education and strives to break down geographic limitations to meet the academic needs of students across the country.

Patrick McConaghy – Owner and Tier IV English Tutor

University of New Hampshire
Bachelor of Arts with Honors: English, Secondary Education

Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)
Cambridge University: International Learning Center in Paris, France

Sierra Nevada College
Master of Arts, Education: Administrative Leadership

Patrick McConaghy has been a language aficionado since his college days at the University of New Hampshire where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in English and a minor in Secondary Education.

While abroad studying in Europe, Patrick compared his native tongue to the subtle nuances of British English in London and fine tuned his French speaking skills in Paris. He has also studied Latin, Spanish and Italian. Having lived in China for one year, he can speak conversational Mandarin.

Patrick has been meeting with students in the Tahoe area since he arrived in 2008. He supported international students at Sierra Nevada College with language and life skills. He also worked with Truckee Meadows Community College in town, serving the needs of non-native speakers. In addition, Patrick worked at Tahoe Expedition Academy, teaching English and supporting students with learning challenges.

From kindergarten to high school to college, Patrick possesses a unique ability to assess student needs and help them meet their goals. In addition, he excels at helping students feel comfortable while learning and makes sure they have fun. With an attention to detail and a passion for punctuation, Patrick will challenge you to fine tune your grammar skills. He enjoys editing papers and helping students find their true voice in writing. If you need assistance expressing your ideas or just cleaning up an essay, Patrick is the tutor for you.

Amber Pluckhan – Tier IV Tutor specializing in Reading

Vanguard University
Bachelor of Arts: Liberal Studies, California Multiple Subject Teaching Credential

Vanguard University
Masters of Arts, Education: Educational Research and Curriculum Design

Amber was born and raised in Gilroy, California. She attended Vanguard University in Newport Beach. There, she obtained a Bachelors of Arts in Liberal Studies and a Multiple Subject teaching credential. After graduation, she moved back to Gilroy to marry her best friend and begin her teaching career. Amber taught second grade at a Title I school in the Gilroy Unified School District. She continued her teaching career for three years at Glen View Elementary where she taught second graders during the school day and reading intervention after school to students from first through third grade. She went on to finish her Masters of Arts in Education while teaching full-time. After three years in the classroom, Amber continued working as a substitute teacher for GUSD as well as a private tutor for several different families.

Amber and her family recently moved to Incline Village. She is eager to teach children while raising their baby girl. Besides watching her little one grow and working with students, she loves to hike with her husband, run with her dog, and take yoga classes. Her passion is working with struggling readers and helping them cultivate a love for literacy. Amber continuously implements new strategies and techniques with her students to best suit and meet their diverse needs. Amber loves working with children and getting to know them to ensure they are comfortable and love learning. Her goal is to make learning accessible and fun for all students, while leading them toward success. She looks forward to working with families at Tahoe Tutoring!

Michael Lubin – Tier III Math, Spanish, Science, History & Test Prep Tutor

University of Michigan
Bachelor of Arts: History & International Affairs

George Washington University
Masters of Arts: International Development

Michael grew up in the Bay Area and is living in North Lake Tahoe to start a new chapter in his life. Michael attended college at the University of Michigan, where he had an intense introduction to winter in the Midwest. After Ann Arbor, Michael moved to Jackson Hole, Wyoming to pursue travel and recreation. After a short stint in Jackson, Michael moved to Washington, D.C. to obtain his Master’s degree in international economic development from George Washington University. Michael experienced peer tutoring while in graduate school and quickly found a great appreciation for educating others. Michael enjoys working closely with students to engage them and inspire interest while improving their skills. Michael’s mother is a retired middle and high school teacher of over three decades, and it is clear she passed on her love of educating to her son. Outside of his professional activities, Michael is an avid mountain biker. He appreciates the quality of life in Tahoe as well as the access to so many forms of recreation. After living in both chaotic urban neighborhoods as well as quaint rural towns around the country, he has found a nice balance in Incline Village.

Brian Fink – Tier III Math Tutor

Humboldt State University
Bachelor of Arts: Pure Mathematics,

Single Subject Teaching Credential

Brian Fink grew up in a military household and moved around while growing up. His father retired and settled in Santa Clarita, California where Brian attended middle and high school. Brian soon realized two things: he loves to travel and meet new people, and big city life is exciting but he doesn’t want to live the metropolitan life. After high school, Brian went to Humboldt State University to earn a degree in pure mathematics. Soon after, he pursued his teaching credentials in California and has been teaching in the Lake Tahoe area for four years. Brian is in the process of completing a Masters in Education from Humboldt State University as well.

For as long as he can remember, Brian has vacationed in Lake Tahoe in the summer and has always wanted the opportunity to move here. When North Lake Tahoe High School presented a full-time position as a math teacher, Brian embraced the opportunity to enjoy life at the lake. Brian has always worked with students and children at birthday parties, as a camp counselor, and as a tutor in college. Brian enjoys working with others, helping students reach their goals, and sharing his love of math.

Lauren Williams – Tier II Math & Science Tutor

California Polytechnic University
Bachelor of Science: Mechanical Engineering

Lauren grew up nearby in Elk Grove, CA. Her family regularly vacationed to Lake Tahoe and she always dreamed of living in the area. When the opportunity to move to Incline Village presented itself, she decided to make a move and is happy she did.

With a family full of teachers–elementary to high school–Lauren loved learning from a young age. To this day, she strives to learn something new every day. Above all else, Lauren enjoyed the subjects of math and science. To put both of these passions into action she decided to pursue a degree in engineering at one of the best engineering schools in California, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Engineering gave her the opportunity to apply the math and science she learned to real world problems. This experience further deepened her love for all topics in math and science.

While pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree, Lauren helped manage student-led study sessions on Cal Poly’s campus. She worked with tutors to improve their methods and engage their students in new and creative ways. Here, she discovered her passion for teaching, and above all else, teaching students to love learning. She is excited for the opportunity to apply these passions here at Tahoe Tutoring!

Brittney LaNoire – Tier III Math, English, Spanish, Test Prep Tutor 

Dominican University of California
Bachelor of Arts: English

Dominican University of California
Masters of Arts: Humanities, Emphasis in Literature

Brittney recently moved to the Lake Tahoe area from the Bay Area. She grew up in Sonoma County but was excited for a change in scenery. She has been working in education for several years and loves to work with students in English, reading and writing. She completed her BA at Dominican University of California and loves the school so much she decided to pursue her MA there. This experience led her to teach reading to all age groups and start private tutoring for college students while she went to school full-time. After graduation, Brittney was offered a tutoring position in Mill Valley and grew to love after-school/test-prep tutoring while also broadening her subject areas. This is where she began to tutor mathematics to a wide age range of students and really engage herself in the learning process. Brittney finds it fun and interesting to work with students on their logic and watch their critical thinking develop at different points in their education. Her favorite part of tutoring is the relationships she builds with students as they cultivate a positive connection with education and learning. She is extremely excited to work with the students in the Tahoe area through Tahoe Tutoring.

In her free time, Brittney is an avid reader and writer. Her favorite authors are J.R.R. Tolkien and Edgar Allen Poe. They have inspired her own writing; she has been published four times. When she isn’t reading or writing, Brittney is outside among the trees or spending time with her niece and nephew, making Tahoe the perfect place to live for her.

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